Frequently Asked Questions

1What kind of License is needed?

As of January 2011, the same license, as the concrete license is needed, till a law change.

2Who will assembles my wood house?

Assembling these wood houses are generally done by our staff upon client request, although people with the time and skills often find it relatively easy and satisfying to do it themselves. All our houses come with a detailed & easy assembly plans (for the do it yourself lover).

3Can we buy a house without installation?

Yes, you can.

All our houses come with a detailed & easy assembly plans (for the do it yourself lover).

4What kind of maintenance is needed?

In terms of maintenance, only painting procedure is needed for these wood houses. (Kindly read the how often the maintenance is needed note)

5How often the maintenance is needed?

Every four to five years this maintenance procedure is needed

(if in previous years the weather was Normal (NOT too dry nor too humid).

6Is the maintenance service available?

Yes, upon client request.

7What about land preparation service?

The land preparation prior to installation is the customer responsibility (kindly check with our technical department before preparing the land).

8What kind of foundation is best?

Our houses can be built on a concrete slab – metal structure or wood foundation. Local codes, soil condition and personal preference will determine the actual size and style.

9How do you protect the outside of the house from weathering?

Before the production of the house, the wood will pass threw a 24 hour fumigation process treatment to protect it from termites, (this step should be done every 5 years locally – kindly refer to the maintenance note prior)
Once the house is assembled, a licensed painter will apply two layers of oil paint as preservative to the outside & inside walls.
Upon the client request, fire delayer paint can be applied.

10Does the wood settle over time?

Like all houses made of wood, there will be wood settling.
But unlike other wood houses manufacturers, we have a policy of using timber that has been seasoned naturally. In addition, we design each home with the ability to absorb the small amount of settling that naturally occurs without affecting the structure.

11What about insulation?

The wood is a natural insulator, millions of tiny cells in the wood trap air to provide one of the most efficient insulations known to man. But in some area’s (in high leveled land where extreme weather can occur) insulation are needed, however kindly note the following:
A- When a single wall house is ordered, we cannot insulate the house (the wood walls are the only insulation available in this case).
B- When a double walls house is ordered, rockwool isolation material will be used between the two walls.

12Where does the plumbing and wiring go?

C- When installing a single wall house, the plumbing & wiring are generally running visible on the walls sides and covered with a locally made wood coverage.
D- When installing a double walls house, the plumbing & wiring are installed as any conventional houses, in the interior stud partition walls.

13How much will a wood house cost?

There are many factors involved and will determine the costs, you are kindly requested to fill the quote request form on our website by following this link request a quote

14What are my heating options?

Any system you can put in a conventional house will work as, or more, effectively in a wood house, due to the superior insulating quality of wood walls.

15What about financing my wooden prefab house?

Financing a prefab house is no different than financing any other home.
And while we don't provide financing, we do provide assistance in obtaining it. Both housing loan and conventional financing are common methods.


The above FAQ are for woodwork, for all other categories, kindly contact us.

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