Constructed out of Canadian White Pine wood, combining together two wood styles, Round and Square, in perfect harmony, results in a structure that is absolutely unique & a veritable work of art.

The Scandinavian post & beam structure is gaining in popularity. Its contemporary design in no way compromises the richness of its natural appearance.
There are many reasons to fall in love with log homes.
From the construction point of view, this type of home is clearly advantageous thanks to the solidity of the structure, which is resistant to the elements, is well insulated and is ecological.

Main distinctive factors for the “SCANDINAVIAN LOG HOMES”

  • The selection of this white pine wood chosen from Canada’s forest with care in respect of the environment.
  • Diameter ranging from 12” (31cm) to 18” (46cm), according to your specifications.
  • Each log is meticulously Hand-Sculpted.
  • Each log is carefully handcrafted, one upon the other, offering a uniqueness sure to please nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • We Only produce custom made houses according to your requirements.
  • The drying technique allows the house to settle with all its weight hence permanently sealing the joints.
  • Our quotes include the Pre-treated wood logs with protective anti-mildew/Fungicide deterrent, only.
  • All other materials as wooden internal flooring, doors, windows, waterproof membrane rolls & asphalt shingle tiles, electrical & plumbing material, or any fitting in the rooms, are quoted separately.
  • 6-month delivery time needed & the assembly is depending on the size.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.