Constructed out of Canadian Western Red Cedar wood,

Our walls are Round wood & Hand-peeled saddle notch log walls 2.9 m +/- ONLY.
The average log round wood wall diameter is 42cm up to 01 meter, with allowances made for
natural shrinkage to occur, making our houses of a very high & top quality.
We only produce custom made houses according to your requirements,

Our quotes include the pre-treated wood logs with protective anti-mildew/fungicide deterrent.
All other materials as wooden internal flooring, doors, windows, waterproof membrane rolls
& asphalt shingle tiles, electrical & plumbing material, or any fitting in the rooms, are quoted separately.
All log work conforms to the international log builder’s association standards.
Canadian inspection papers included as required (Phytosanitary Certificate) with every house.
6-month delivery time needed & the assembly is depending on the size,

Satisfaction guaranteed, we sincerely invite customers from around the world.