Construction Tools

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Sandwich Panel House

  • OUPPSPREFAB sandwich steel panel ready houses (polyurethane injected sandwich panels), for roof and wall applications, gives buildings the perfect balance of strength, thermal efficiency, noise elimination and attractiveness.
  • Our lightweight panels consist of a metal outer skin, bonded to an insulation board.
  • OUPPS PREFAB sandwich panels houses are attractive, easy to install and highly versatile.
  • Accessible to all social classes.
  • Short project set-up and assembly time.
  • Easy assembly – no requirement for heavy equipment and special skills.
  • Low transport volume and weight.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • Low maintenance and components with a proved lifetime.
  • Living comfort in accordance with highest standards.

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Metal Tying Machine

  • OUPPSPREFAB tier machine is an effective alternative to manual binding, which is traditionally a monotonous and stressful task.
  • The ergonomic tier not only improves working conditions, it is also an economic and reliable solution, which helps to solve tasks far more effectively.
  • OTM give a tight and firm tie (2 or 3 wraps)
  • OTM gives approximately 120 ties per coil
  • OTM is up to 5 times faster than manual tying
  • OTM gives a consistent quality of the ties
  • OTM is highly efficient & user-friendly
  • OTM is an ergonomic one-hand operation
  • OTM gives you a short payback on investment
  • OTM is supplied with 2 lithium-ion batteries, charger and 2 wire coils in sturdy plastic case.